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Archviz through Culture consists of a Collection of 20 images that ventures the viewer into a virtual trip through the culture and architecture of different countries around the world. The main goal of this Collection is to manifest Archviz not only as an exciting communicative medium, in this case, by representing places connecting culture and architecture, but also, by the search

of beauty in each of its expressions, to define it as an Art. Each photo in the gallery is crafted to capture the intricate details and exquisite beauty of the book, allowing visitors to appreciate the workmanship and attention to detail that went into its creation. From the rich texture of the cover to the crisp, clean pages inside, every aspect of our book is presented in stunning detail, providing a captivating glimpse into the world of our story.

Client: Lluis Cuenca, 3D artist

Year: 2023




“The world is full of beautiful moments and it is the simple responsibility of the viewer to want to observe and feel them. The passion to discover and find this beauty depends on oneself, and, precisely, it can only be found in oneself. “

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