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I had the opportunity to be able to show a part of me in a Art gallery in the old town of Palma de Mallorca. Photography helps me express what I feel when words fail, so it was a wonderful experience to see so much movement around this collection, it made me feel that my photography approaches people in a much more human way, compared to when I publish them on networks.

On the island, I feel immersed between colors and textures. It hypnotizes me to look at the light, which creates glances between the mountains and caresses with care the skin, and the tendre light of the morning sun makes me return to landscapes that are already a part of me.

Location: Palma de Mallorca

Year: 2021

Nit de l'Art,


La propuesta comunicativa de la Organización tiene como protagonista los rostros y la historia que cuentan. El objetivo es narrar la historia que hay detrás de cada sonrisa, de cada paciente atendido en la clínica, ya que tener el testimonio de las personas que forman parte de la ONG les da un medio y una voz para contar su experiencia.

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