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Petit Abisme, is an EP that aims to tell stories that connect and move people through the strong Mediterranean and Brazilian influence. Her original jazz-pop-singer-songwriter music is born from the restlessness and fascination of the artist for everything that surrounds her, and her passion, accompanied by other high level musicians, has consolidated a wonderful project.

Illustration becomes the main character in this project, it founds itself a way of explaining the music without the need of words. Bright colors, movement and symbology are the elements that will make you discover and explore the universe of Petit Abisme.

Client: Masé Jara

Year: 2021



Details of Petit Abisme, an album full of light that represents a song to life and nature. Its lyrics are musical poetry sung through sensorial pieces that evoke the Mediterranean Sea and all that unites us to it.

Photo shoot of the artist in her studio while finishing a new song.

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