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Son Amass is the extra-virgin olive oil, produced exclusively from olives harvested in Alcúdia. Olive oil Son Amass, bearing the prestigious Denominació d'Origen Protegida and Oli de Mallorca label, represents the essence of the island's rich olive-growing heritage.  It is sourced directly from olives using only mechanical procedures, ensuring the preservation of flavor and nutritional integrity. 

Client: Finca Son Amass

Year: 2024

This dedication to quality and authenticity is the cornerstone to our brand, commitment and tradition are reflected in every bottle of Son Amass Olive Oil, since we produce our oil with the fruit of more than a hundred olive trees at the Finca Son Amass.

Son Amass

The creative process was an organic journey of artistic exploration. Inspired by the natural beauty of Mallorca's olive groves, I embarked on a hands-on approach, using ink and an improvised manual stamping process to meticulously capture the intricate textures of olive trees. Each stamping session became a tactile meditation, allowing me to connect with the essence of the land and infuse it into every design element. The result is a visual narrative that not only celebrates the timeless technique but also honors the organic authenticity of Son Amass.

Photo shoot of the artist in her studio while finishing a new song.

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